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May 2012 – Irrigation in Action

Irrigation systems are essential for growing crops and maintaining landscaping.

According to H2ouse Water Saver, the typical sprinkler system is only about 50% efficient, meaning half the water is wasted. 

Here are some watering tips to keep in mind:

  • The best time to water is early in the morning
  • Turn your sprinklers on shorter cycles that are more frequent
  • Use mulch or compost around plants to preserve moisture
  • Shaded areas should receive 30% less water

Smart irrigation makes use of best practices to prevent water waste.   Overwatering with sprinklers washes money down the drain.  But it also can be harmful to plants and crops.

Plants that are overwatered are sometimes left in standing water, especially when the soil doesn’t drain quickly.  Excess water causes root rot.  Fungi that attack roots weaken the tree or plant and can cause death.  Runoff from overwatered areas also causes potential problems.  It can dump pesticides, fertilizers and other unwanted chemicals into nearby streams and lakes. 

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