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Is it the Location or is it Commercial Landscaping?

Location, location, location. Isn’t that what experts say is the most important aspect of almost anything business related? If you’re customers can’t get to you, how can you expect to get to them? When it comes to choosing the physical location of a business, it’s important to look at all the available options for both internal and external expansion and renovation.

When it comes to external expansion, landscaping is everything. Whether your business is on an acre of land in the suburbs or tightly squeezed on an urban corner, there should always be room for commercial landscaping in your budget plan.

Commercial landscaping provides an attractive outdoor space for your business. After all, the first thing a customer will see is how your business is presented. In addition to providing both an aesthetically pleasant view and a welcoming atmosphere, maintaining the landscape can really add some money-making figures to the books.

Market Value: Engaging and attractive spaces lead to increased market value. By consistently up keeping and refreshing the landscape design, the value of the property is instantly increased. If customers have an overall positive image of your company from point of introduction to point of purchase, the chances of them spreading your company’s attractive image increase along with your revenue.  

Physical Attraction: What was your first impression of XYZ Company? Was it welcoming or just another drag office space? Never ignore the power of aesthetics. Would you rather be welcomed by bushes, flowers or trees? Or what if your business doesn’t have any of the above? By implementing a commercial landscape design into your existing space, your business is more likely to keep existing clients and attract new clients.

Eco-Friendliness: Dedication to landscape maintenance proves that a company cares about the environment. “Going Green” practices are a common topic of interest in today’s business world, and if you have the opportunity to do so, jump on the band wagon. Existing and potential clients will see that you care about the community’s ecological health and are willing to help the world around you. If your company expresses an interest in saving the planet, who can argue with that business strategy?  

 Productivity: People work more efficiently and effectively when they’re surrounded by natural elements. Landscapes can be designed to generate peaceful settings that in return help your employees remain healthy and happy. Planting trees or flowers will help keep your employees happy, and happy employees leads to more happy customers.

Crime Reduction: Business areas that are professionally maintained are less likely to have crime related problems. Properly placed lights and plants deter criminal activity as these spaces are often seen as safer compared to non-developed areas. Lower crime rates lead to a more trusting community and more comfortable employees, generating increased productivity and revenue all around.

TotalScape Solutions is capable of providing personalized commercial landscaping services to owners of all businesses. Having a well-maintained landscape has an endless array of benefits for the employees, customers and the business altogether. Hiring a landscape designer ultimately draws attention to your company in positive ways and displays that your company is in good standing. Never underestimate the image your customers may have of your business and always provide a welcoming atmosphere and a professional ambience that will enlighten the view your customers have.

On tips to decrease noise though deliberate landscape design, please read our blog, “Landscape Design: A Lesson in Sound Attenuation.”