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Reduce Lawn Maintenance Costs with Slow Release Fertilizer

In this economic downturn, companies are looking at their expenses and trying to cut costs.  Many Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are being pulled between the rising costs of maintaining its services and cutting back or eliminating unnecessary expenses.  Homeowners expect that the common areas will continue to be beautifully landscaped, with regular lawn maintenance, trimmed hedges and pruned trees.

Lawn maintenance is one of the areas that we (of course) specialize in, and although it’s impossible to completely eliminate landscaping costs, there are a few strategies that we recommend.  One of the first cost-cutting measures to consider is changing to a slow release fertilizer instead of using a quick release fertilizer.

If you’re not familiar with slow release fertilizers, they are coated with a substance that allows the fertilizer to be released over time (similarly to a slow released medication).

Changing to a slow release fertilizer has multiple benefits to the HOA and property management companies and, ultimately to the environment.  Here are just four reasons to consider switching to a slow release fertilizer for lawn maintenance:

1.  You’ll save money.  When your landscaping company uses a slow release fertilizer for lawn maintenance, the nutrients are used gradually over time.  This means that the grass requires fertilization because it’s being fed for a longer length of time.  Your landscaping company won’t have to fertilize the lawn as often, which will help the HOA or property management company recognize a cost savings.

2.  Slow release fertilizers contain micronutrients that other fertilizers don’t.  Maintaining a healthy lawn requires seven different nutrients that are released in small quantities.  Although they’re only needed in small doses, these nutrients are necessary for beautiful lawn maintenance.

3.  Your lawn will be healthier.  Occasionally, a fast release fertilizer can be beneficial to lawn maintenance; however, your lawn will overall be healthier if it’s fed slowly over time.  Think of it as feeding the body healthy fruits, vegetables and proteins instead of steroids.  As the fertilizer is dissolved, it feeds the lawn the nutrients it needs so your lawn remains healthy.

4.  More environmentally-friendly.  Slow release fertilizers dissolve gradually so the nitrogen is not leached into the ground, making it safer for the environment.

There are many benefits of switching to a slow release fertilizer.  Talk to us about cost savings and creating a healthier lawn that’s more environmentally friendly.