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Landscaping Services Go “I”

Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses of any size or kind to work harder AND smarter.  In our Tampa Bay, FL landscaping business, we offer such a variety of services so it’s imperative we stay organized.  We value our relationships with our commercial and residential customers and work hard to remain cost effective, while still maintaining our exacting standards.

One of the tools that TotalScape Solutions uses to remain competitive in the Tampa Bay landscaping services market is Go iLawn, a program that allows us to save time, energy and money by qualifying the property and measuring and mapping the area.  After we’ve determined that we are interested in bidding on the project, we use the Go iLawn proposal builder to quickly and easily create a professional proposal to present to our potential clients.

There are five reasons that Go iLawn is our “go-to” landscaping services software:

1.  Browser-based.  This means that we can use the software on any computer with an internet connection.  All we do is log-in to the site and we’re ready to use it. 

2.  Geographical areas are up-to-date. This is important because in order to bid correctly, we need up-to-date maps and graphics.

3.  It’s easy to use.  There’s not a steep learning curve like some software programs.  Go iLawn is very intuitive so almost anyone can quickly use it.

4.  We see a cost savings.  Here at TotalScape Solutions, we like to provide excellent value for our landscaping services.  Since we’re able to map and measure the sections, count all various lawns, mulch beds, trees, bushes, parking areas, etc., price and create a proposal, all without leaving the office, we see a tremendous savings in time, energy and wear and tear on our vehicles.

5.  Fast, professional proposals.  We’re able to quickly create professional proposals, complete with graphs, graphics, layouts, schedules and pricing breakdowns to present to potential clients who are interested in our landscaping services.

All in all, our company, TotalScape Solutions, couldn’t ask for a better solution than Go iLawn when it comes to efficiency, cost effectiveness, customer service and ease of use.  Our goal is to provide professional, customized services for our residential and commercial customers, and Go iLawn has helped us reach that goal.  It’s a solution that has helped bring in new business and we’re very pleased.

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