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Ornamentals…Not Just for Christmas Trees

Some people are happy with beautiful, well manicured, green lawns.  The basics include a few bushes, trees and flowers. On the other hand, many of our customers are drawn to the opportunities that Florida weather affords us and opt for ornamental grasses and plants.  Despite the idea that using ornamental instead of, or in addition to, traditional grasses will cut back on or eliminate altogether the need for mowing, successful ornamental lawn care requires work, planning and spotting potential hazards before they become big problems.

Ornamental grass can be successful as a stunning focal point, and it’s also an eco-friendly option that can be used in your landscaping plan.  The flexibility and many varieties of ornamental grasses can match almost any landscaping scheme.  From the long, tall flowing Giant Silver Grass, which can grow up to 12′ in height, to the short, flowering Black Mondo Grass, ornamentals can highlight and decorate a landscape and add a unique and exotic touch to almost any area.

Before deciding to add ornamental grass to your landscape, it’s necessary to do your homework and plan wisely.  That beautiful 18″ grass might grow to a staggering height, blocking smaller plants and ruining the view.  Or you might be surprised to discover that certain grasses attract more pests and insects. 

As with any landscaping, regular ornamental lawn care is important to keep your plants healthy and looking beautiful.  Before you decide to add ornamentals to your landscape, here are some things to consider:

  • Is it a cool season or warm season grass?  Yes, there is a difference, and maintenance requirements differ significantly.  Cool season grasses require more ornamental lawn maintenance, as well as being watered more frequently.  Warm season grasses require less water but might not have the visual impact you’re looking for.
  • How invasive is it?  If you pick a creeping or running grass, you might be surprised that your grass starts to take over the entire area.  Regular ornamental lawn maintenance can help control this, however it may take time and effort and might not be worth the hassle.
  • What are the needs of the plant?  Because ornamentals require different nutrients, your plants may require a variety of different custom blended fertilizers.  This might increase the cost and maintenance of your landscaping. 

For more information on adding eco-friendly plants or ornamental lawn care, please contact Totalscape Solutions today.