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How Florida Friendly is Your Landscape Contract?

We’re fortunate here in Florida.  In the wintertime, while much of the nation is battling snow, sleet and bundling up in front of the fireplace, we’re wearing shorts and enjoying pretty much year-round warm weather.  Certainly, we have our own battles with the weather (hello hurricanes and monsoons), but generally, we’re pretty lucky.

Our year-round climate also allows us to grow tropical plants, trees and flowers that other states can’t, but despite our ability to have a Florida friendly landscape, it’s important to remember that we have a unique eco-system that must be maintained and preserved, and to thoroughly research before making any landscaping changes.

TotalScape Solutions leading the commercial landscape industry by writing Florida Friendly Landscape™ contracts for all bids we submit and properties we maintain. Our team is trained in and takes special care to help preserve our environment which is specifically laid out in our explicit contract terms and conditions.

Here are four ways our contracts are Florida Friendly:

  • We use native or eco-friendly plants.  Because these plants are native and eco-friendly, they have adapted to our weather patterns and soil conditions.  Additionally, many native plants assist in maintaining an ecosystem balance, attracting birds, insect pollinators, butterflies and even wildlife.
  • Avoid Over-Fertilization.  There is some evidence that creating a Florida Friendly Landscape™ will decrease the necessity for fertilizers and pesticides.  Since native plants have already adapted to the soil and climate, they require less feeding, therefore not just saving time and money, but using fewer chemicals that could harm our land.  We are strict about the schedule and way we apply fertilizers — and follow all local ordinances (NO EXCEPTIONS!)  We also will not fertilize in rainy weather or within 10′ of water.
  • Pest Control.  We are equally as strict when it comes to pesticides.  For instance, we only use pesticides when the problem has been identified and use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.  By using IPM, pests are controlled economically, while keeping people, property and the environment safe.
  • Save water.  Often using native plants for your Florida Friendly Landscape™ requires less watering.  But we also keep a detailed account of watering times and frequencies, monitoring and adjusting the schedule seasonally.

Totalscape Solutions is concerned about keeping our environment safe and maintaining our eco-system.  Not only do work here in Tampa, but we raise our families here and enjoy the great outdoors. The next time you receive a bid from a landscape contract, make sure it has Florida Friendly Landscaping™ fundamentals.