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Florida and Palm Tree Maintenance: A Perfect Fit

So although palms are prolific throughout Florida, there’s more to palm tree maintenance than just an occasional watering.  Actually, keeping whatever variety of palm you have healthy, requires care.  Depending on the species, your palm tree maintenance can vary however, all palms have certain common requirements.  Here are four of the most common:

  • Proper watering.  Although many people believe that palms thrive in arid conditions, they actually do require frequent watering.  Unfortunately, they can also be over watered.  If your palm’s leaves turn brown and fall off without dying, you’re probably overwatering, but when the tips start turning brown, water your palm more often.
  • Soil maintenance.  If you’re planting a palm in a new place or if your palm isn’t thriving, you should look at soil conditions.  Palms flourish when mycorrhizal fungi are added to the soil.  These fungi have a symbiotic relationship and attach themselves to the palm’s roots to create a stronger, healthier root system by allowing the palm to absorb more water and nutrients. 
  • Fertilization.  Most palms require fertilization once or twice during their growing season.  Although fertilizing your palm is easy, it does require using fertilizer that is specially formulated and part of your routine palm tree maintenance.
  • Pruning.  Some people believe that a palm tree should be constantly pruned by cutting the brown tips off the ends of the frond, nothing could be further from the truth.  Over pruning can create a sick palm or even kill what would otherwise be a healthy tree.  Only prune a tree after a new frond appears.  Additionally, be careful not to damage the trunk of the palm which then becomes susceptible to disease and pests.

Choosing the type of plant is as important as regular palm tree maintenance.  Learn about the varieties of palms and their requirements by researching or by discussing your landscaping ideas with a team member at TotalScape Solutions.  With a little planning, knowledge and assistance, your property can be enhanced by the maintaining beautiful palm trees.