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It’s fall. Take a vacation everyday.

The cooler autumn weather is here.  After a long, hot summer it’s time to bring friends and family together and reclaim your outdoor spaces.   Here are a few tips to prepare your yard so you can ‘take a vacation everyday’.

Weed – Chances are your yard is overrun with weeds after the rainy days of summer.   Put on your gloves, protective clothing and sunscreen, and pull or rake out problem areas.   Your yard and wallet will thank you in the spring.

Nourish – This is the time of year to feed your lawn, garden and all plants and flowers.  Use slow-release products.  This helps insure grass and plant health longer and reduce pollution in the environment. 

Color – Start planting cool-season flowers including calendulas, chrysanthemums, geraniums, petunias, snapdragons, pansies and flowering kale.   If you have holiday plants such as Christmas cactus or poinsettias, you need to insure they get at least 14 hours of total darkness each night.  This includes streetlights and floodlights so cover them with dark-colored cloths if you have any light pollution.  For the best results, cover these plants until the middle of December or whenever blooming begins.

Enjoy – November is one of the best times in Florida so get out and enjoy it!  For more tips and information on achieving and maintaining a healthy yard, Like Us on Facebook or visit